Summer Collegiate Baseball Exclusive

July 10, 2013

Summer Baseball Insider (SBI), in cooperation with Pointstreak Sports Technologieshas launched the first ever national ranking of players from the major summer collegiate baseball leagues.

SBI is an exclusive media source of the majority of Summer Collegiate Baseball leagues. It collects a wide range of data from each player, such as battingpitching and fielding stats, by using Pointstreak's database. The ranking of each player or team is based on its performance relative to all other players or teams in the Summer Collegiate Baseball.


Filter each type of statistic based on a specific time frame for a careful analysis of each player or team’s performance. Subcategories of each type of statistic are provided for a more detailed appraisal of each player.

Summer Collegiate Baseball leagues typically start early in June and ends in August. A few examples of amateur leagues are the Cape Cod Baseball League, Northwoods League, Prospect League, and West Coast League. As many as 23 leagues, each comprising between 6 to 24 teams, are using Pointstreak as their official stats and league administration system.   

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