Pointstreak Announces Live & On-Demand Video Streaming Service

October 28, 2013

Toronto, ON - Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. announced today a new video streaming service called "Pointstreak Stream" specifically geared towards the needs of modern sports organizations. The service will feature live and "on-demand" video and audio streaming for all sports and will be seamlessly integrated with Pointstreak's other sports management services including Pointstreak Live Publisher and Pointstreak Performance.
This latest platform from Pointstreak complements the company's existing offerings in live scoring, statistics, video highlights, website design and athlete recruitment with the end goal of providing clients with a technology solution for all their digital media needs.
"We are pleased to be able to offer our clients a video streaming solution that is integrated with all of Pointstreak's technology platforms. Having the ability to deliver a multifaceted technology solution to provide live and on-demand video provides Pointstreak with the ability to meet all of our client's technology and digital needs." said Scott Secord, President/CEO of Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.
Pointstreak's vision has always been concentrated on deep integration between platforms for maximum impact on customer experience and efficiency. This vision is being extended to Pointstreak's new live and on-demand video solution and will boast features unmatched by other video streaming services.
Pointstreak Stream was developed to provide integration and functionality for our clients with benefits that include:

  • Embedded Statistical Content - Pointstreak generated statistical content will be displayed in real-time as video is consumed providing the user with a full complement of game data and player information.
  • Automated Video Highlights - Integration with Pointstreak Live Publisher will allow for the effortless creation and distribution of game highlights to websites and mobile devices.
  • Automatic Video Indexing - Game events and specific player highlights will be automatically indexed making it easy for fans to search and view their favorite player's highlights.
  • Player Promotion - Player video highlights are automatically uploaded to Pointstreak Performance to be viewed by scouts, recruiters and coaches. 



Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.'s mission is to provide innovative technologies to enhance the experience of the global sports community.

Specialized sports software for the needs of sports organizations such as leagues, teams, associations and governing bodies, Pointstreak's solutions streamline operations and improve the experience of sports participants, fans and media. Pointstreak has three broad divisions:

League & Team Management Solutions (brands: Pointstreak Stats - real-time league statistics software; Pointstreak Registration - online sports registration software; Pointstreak Sites - sports website developer and content management system; Pointstreak Stream - a live & on-demand sports video streaming service); Electronic Raffle System (brand: Pointstreak 5050 - electronic, automated raffle software); Athlete Performance, Development & Promotion (brand: Pointstreak Performance).

More information about Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. can be found at www.pointstreak.com or through the dedicated product information website www.pointstreaksolutions.com.

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